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Created in 2003 in Hong Kong by the artist Pierre Larauza and the choreographer Emmanuelle Vincent, t.r.a.n.s.i.t.s.c.a.p.e is a Brussels based art studio which mix dance with visual arts into choreographic pieces, films and installations. Their projects are shown worldwide and fit in an interdisciplinary research.

Artistic directors 
Pierre ​​​Larauza & ​​Emmanuelle Vincent​​
Production and administration 

Sílvia Gutiérrez Kirchner
Tour manager | Diffusion
Manon André
Technical director 
Serge Payen


« Our projects fit in our interdisciplinary research, and through them we
aim to look into the amalgamation between different media and to erase
the borders between disciplines. We try to create an ambiguous, nonhierarchical
and striking relationship between bodies, spaces, dramaturgy and technology.

Physical and mental movement is a recurring theme in our creations, and
intercultural relations hold a prominent place. Transit locations (airports,
hotel rooms but also game centres, call shops, …) are the base for our
reflection on loneliness and the suspension in between here and elsewhere.

The movement from one medium to another is the key to the discourse
modulated by our performances, giving birth to hybrid and ever-changing projects.

We question the place of the spectator and his implication from witness to
voyeur. Faced with a non-linear narrative and a complex display (scenic or urban),

the spectator has to recompose. Our aim is to upset the traditional representative system

– to overthrow the codes.
Our narrative is composed of collages and deformations, with a particular
interest in disintegration, discontinuity and fragmentation, offering a new
form of contemporary fable to the spectator. »​

Pierre Larauza & Emmanuelle Vincent​

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