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Mutante by t.r.a.n.s.i.t.s.c.a.p.e

50' dance solo performance by Pierre Larauza and Emmanuelle Vincent / t.r.a.n.s.i.t.s.c.a.p.e
World premiere the 23rd of January 2019 at Idecaf, Hô-Chi-Minh-City (Vietnam)


The on stage dance solo Mutante takes an interest on a singular urban Vietnamese phenomenon where the women cover themselves completely the body and the face during their daily travels on motorcycle, being transformed for a moment into an anonymous person without a face.


Teaser of Mutante (1'40)
Full video recording available on request for professionnals (feel free to contact us)

Tour manager | Diffusion
Manon André


Choreography & scenography
Pierre  Larauza + Emmanuelle Vincent

Emmanuelle Vincent


Music live


Lighting designer
Serge Payen and Pierre Larauza

Production et administration
Marion Bougues














with the support of

 la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles - Service de la Danse, la Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale de Molenbeek, la Bellone, l’union des Vietnamiens en Belgique - Truong Son and l’Institut Français du Vietnam.


t.r.a.n.s.i.t.s.c.a.p.e is supported

by le Grand Studio



Bilboard interview

Mutante, dance solo, 50', creation 2019 by t.r.a.n.s.i.t.s.c.a.p.e

Off stage version 

Mutante, dance solo, 50', creation 2019 by t.r.a.n.s.i.t.s.c.a.p.e


Centre Culturel de Morlanwelz, 2023, Morlanwelz (Belgium)

Musée L, 2022, Louvain La Neuve (Belgium)

Istanbul Fringe Festival, 2021, Istanbul (Turkey)

Centre Wallonie Bruxelles, 2021,  Paris (France)

ProPulse Festival, 2021, Brussels (Belgium)

Ici Vietnam Festival, 2021, Monge Square, Paris (France)

Centre Culturel Jacques Franck, 2021, Brussels (Belgium)

Istanbul Fringe Festival, 2020, Istanbul (Turkey)

Danse en fête, 2021, Belgique

Centre Culturel Les Riches Claires, 2020 Brussecls (Belgium)

Festival Pays de Danses 2020, 2020, Théâtre de Liege, Centre Culturel d'Engis (Belgium)

Maison des Cultures et de la Cohesion Sociale de Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, 2020, Brussels (Belgium)

Festival City sonic, 2019, Belgium

Théatre Marni, 2019, Brussels (Belgium)

Idecaf, 2019, Hô-Chi-Minh-City (Vietnam)

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