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Interactive installation-performance

Synopsis / Free spectators / players can interact with a performer placed behind a window, with only audio headphones and a navigation box for communication. Texts, dance and mockery are intertwined with problems such as manipulation, satisfaction or physical and mental control..

direction, choreography & scenography
Pierre Larauza  + Emmanuelle Vincent

dancer performers
Emmanuelle Vincent
Ana Cembrero Coca

singer performer

Séverine Faramond


Shoubi or not ?

technical manager
Serge Payen


Festival Arts Electroniques Netdays, 2004, Brussels (Belgium)

Festival C trop court, 2006, Jeumont (France)
Festival Arborescence
, 2006, Marseille (France)

Festival AVXL, 2006, Brussels (Belgium)

Festival Les Transnumériques #2, 2006, Brussels (Belgium)

Festival Les Folies, 2007, Maubeuge (France)
Festival les Bains Numériques #3, 2008, Enghien-les-Bains (France)
Festival BRXLBRAVO, 2009, Brussels (Belgium)
Festival Sonorama
, 2009, Besançon (France)

Festival Off d'Avignon à la Manufacture​, 2010, Avignon (France)
Corps et Âmes, 2012, Huy (Belgium)

Possible show configurations:
> street's window installation
> indoor installation​


Duration & Cast:​
- 3 performers

- 1 technician


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