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La Meute

90' performative and choreographic piece created by Emmanuelle Vincent and Pierre Larauza / t.r.a.n.s.i.t.s.c.a.p.e

March 5th-7th 2025 at Les Halles de Schaerbeek (Brussels, Belgium)

La meute is a manifesto that reclaims our animality in order to survive together with our differences.

Built out of the observation of wolves and the study of their social behaviours, this spectator experience, a mix of dance, performance and live music, invites you to be on the lookout.


Dynamic bodies launch into a frenzied pogo. Halfway between human and wolf, 6 performers expose the animality that lies dormant in everyone. Carried along by the vibrations of the live music, they slide from solo to collective, forming a pack, a common breath.

The audience will witness the doubts, the contradictions, the joys and the search for balance of a group seeking to build a society. La meute is an ode to the collective, a manifesto against societal structural violence, which takes as its starting point the idea that we can form a group while being different if the common challenge is to cooperate and survive together.

Who should really be scared? The human or the wolf?

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Tour manager | Diffusion  &  Mediation
Manon André

Concept, choreography and dramaturgy

Emmanuelle Vincent

Scenography and choreographic look

Pierre Larauza



Marianne Chargois, Quentin Chaveriat,

Adèle Bourret, Summer Satana,

Matthieu Dufourg, Emmanuelle Vincent


Scientific advisor

Anne Bauwens

Sound creation and live Dj

Summer Satana

Technical manager

Serge Payen

Administration & production

Sílvia Gutiérrez Kirchner

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