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Artistic directors
​​Larauza & ​​Emmanuelle Vincent

Since 2003, Pierre Larauza and Emmanuelle Vincent have been exploring movement through contemporary hybrid forms in an intercultural approach. The creations of t.r.a.n.s.i.t.s.c.a.p.e., at the crossroads of several artistic disciplines but organically integrated into the choreographic scene, are declined according to the project in the form of a scenic performance, an urban performance, a performative installation or even films. Dancer, visual artist, scenographer, directors and choreographers, the roles of Pierre and Emmanuelle intertwine; the concept of speciality gradually fades away to nourish their common multidisciplinary nature. They also feed their creativity from their sensory experiences abroad and are very active in Vietnam in the framework of a bilateral cooperation with the University of Fine Arts of Ho Chi Minh City.

Artistic directors Pierre ​​​Larauza & ​​Emmanuelle Vincent​​
Production and administration Sílvia Gutiérrez Kirchner
Tour manager | Diffusion Manon André
Technical director Serge Payen






« Going beyond borders. For fifteen years our passion is to build bridges between cultures,  in response to our own mixed lives and to the world of nowadays, that we would love in peace and altruistic. Asia and Africa have been in our daily lives as artists and love partners. Our new project «20 October 1968, Mexico», beyond a documentary tribute to Dick Fosbury’s sporting irreverence, is an ode to «territorial freedom» through the allegory of the obstacle frontier, symbolized by a wall that can be overcome mentally if not physically. Our manifesto is to renounce all the border-walls, whether geographical, political, cultural or intimate. »​

Pierre Larauza & Emmanuelle Vincent



Feel free to email us if you wish to collaborate on our next production. We are looking for interns.
> feel free to contact us !

2003-2014 collaborators

​Lazara Rosell Albear (Cuba/Be), dancer / XL Pleasures
Michaël Alsteen (Be), technician (2008-2010) / Chambres(s) d'Hôtel

Bertrand Baudry (Fr), video artist (2010) / Urban Distortions

Corinne Bertrand (Fr), writer (2006-2007) / Call shop
Fedrik de Beul (Be), co-administrator
Hadrian Bnin-Bninski (Be), real-time video technician (2008-2010) / Chambres(s) d'Hôtel

Sylvain Boisvert (Fr), set designer (2010-1011) / Urban Distortions

Alain Bourgeois (Be), secretary de La Confiserie

Marion Bougues (Fr), set design intern (2013) / XL Pleasures + La Confiserie + Matongé-Europe

Bruno Camiade (Fr), composer, musician (2004) / Insert coin

Carlyshemoss (Hong Kong), composer, singer (2003-2004) / Over the game

Ana Cembrero Coca (Espagne/Belgique), dancer / Chambres(s) d'Hôtel + Insert coin + XL Pleasures
Fred Chemama (Be), video artist / Urban Distortions

Samantha Conty (Fr), actress (2004-2007) / Insert coin Call shop
Cécile Cozzolino (Fr), actress, writer (2006-2010) / Insert coin​ +  Call shop + Chambres(s) d'Hôtel

Julien Coene (Be), actor, dancer (2008) / Call shop
Elodie Delaigle (F, Be), administrator​​​ (2011-2012)
Claire Dubien (Fr), costumière (2007) / Call shop

Séverine Faramond (Fr), singer, actress / Insert coin

Alfredo Fernandez Atienza (Espagne), actor / Call shop + Chambres(s) d'Hôtel

Benjamin Foucart (Be), video technician (2007) / Call shop
Leila Fourgeaud (Fr), set design intern (2011) / Urban Distortions

Clara Guemas (Fr), dance teacher (2009-2012) / La Confiserie

Matthieu Ha (Fr/Be/Vietnam), composer, singer, musician / Urban Distortions + Landscape duet

Sarah Jacobs (Be), graphic designer, set design assistant (2004-2011) / Insert coin​ +  Call shop + Chambres(s) d'Hôtel

Friederike Kaiser (Allemagne/Be), administratror (2009-2010)

Mikaël Larrieu (Fr), composer ( 2004-2008) / Insert coin​

Ruffin Lumbaba (RDC Congo), extra (2007-2008) / Call shop

Alexander MacSween (Canada), composer, musician / Call shop + Chambres(s) d'Hôtel

Guillaume Martigné (France), cello artist / Urban Distortions

Olga Mandel Ndaya (Angola/Belgique), assistant administration, performer / Urban Distortions

Eric Mercenier (Belgium), soudeur / Chambres(s) d'Hôtel + XL Pleasures

Raquel Morais (Bresil/Be), set designer (2010-2011) / Urban Distortions

Héritier Mukendi (RDC Congo/Belgique), dancer (2007-2008) / Call shop

Charles Ngombengombe (Zimbabwe), dancer / Urban Distortions

Jodi Aleen Obeid (Usa), dancer (2004) / Insert coin

Serge Payen (Be), technical director

Claire Pellegrin (Be), dance teacher / La Confiserie

Jorge Piquer Rodriguez (Espagne/Be), composer, musician / Chambres(s) d'Hôtel
Manuel Ramos (Be/Espagne), technician & assistant

Rebecca Shelley (UK), theater teacher / La Confiserie
Maxim Surin (Russia/Be), programming/interface for real-time video (2008-2009) / Chambres(s) d'Hôtel

Sara Tan (Singapoure), dancer / Urban Distortions + XL Pleasures

Thy Truong Minh (Vietnam/Be), performer-drawer / Urban Distortions + Landscape duet​
Ivy Tsui Yik Chit (Hong Kong), dancer / Landscape duet + Urban Distortions

Daan Vermote (Be), technician (2009-2011) / Chambres(s) d'Hôtel
Miss Vee (Thaïland), styliste (2010) / Urban Distortions

Mike Wong (Hong Kong), styliste / Over the game + Urban Distortions


Internships 2013

Jonas Bernert

Justine Cerami

Christine Heyraud

Laëtitia Lemaître

Ani Basikyian

Jérémy de Greef

Louis Luyten

Marion Cambier

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