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2003, 27', color​

The main character Anime, who is totally addicted to video games, records the sounds of
her games on minidisc. The next morning, on the Hong Kong rooftops, she listens to her
recordings and re-experiences her virtual fights by dancing … A journey through dance and

Coproduction : France / Hong Kong

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2012​, 16'20, n/b​
Hong Kong is well known for its high density concrete jungle, but not
many are as familiar with its rich countryside.
The poetical film Landscape duet takes an interest in Hong Kong
territory and reveals both its urban landscapes and natural environment as two dancers physically explore the radically opposite locations and
symbolically embody concrete and water.

Coproduction: Belgium /Hong Kong

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Landscape duet
An African walk in the land of China

Short film

2015​, 13'30, color

In the contemporary labor China, an African young woman roams in streets in search of a meeting. She crosses workers in her wandering. How will they welcome mutually at the age of Chinafrica?


Shooting last November 2013 in Guangzhou, China with the GMDC Guangdong Modern Dance Company.

Commissioned by City Contemporary Dance Company


Coproduction: Belgium /China


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WASTE  (1' film created from Landscape duet)


DIVE  (1' film created from Landscape duet)​​​​​


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