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Landscape duet

Dance-film, 2012,  Belgium / Hong Kong, b/w, 16'20​​


​​Direction & Camera
Pierre Larauza

Emmanuelle Vincent​

Emmanuelle Vincent
Ivy Tsui Yik Chit

Original music

Matthieu  Ha

​Thy Truong Minh

Synopsis / Hong Kong is well known for its high density concrete jungle, but not many are as familiar with its rich countryside. The poetical film Landscape duet takes an interest in Hong Kong territory and reveals both its urban landscapes and natural environment as two dancers physically explore the radically opposite locations and symbolically embody concrete and water. The wordless film implicitly denounce through dance the environmental issue of over-urbanism which little by little erases the natural landscape in many important cities. The hypnotic super slow motion introduction is followed and enhanced by the original music by singer/musician Matthieu Ha.


​​​​Festivals screenings​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

15 september 2023


(Brussels, Belgium)

31 May 2015
Museu do Oriente
(Lisbon, Portugal)


28 February 2015
Sauter hors du cadre
Les Brigittines
(Brussels, Belgium)


20 September 2014
L'art difficile de filmer la danse
(Brussels, Belgium)

5-7 June 2014
Belgian Focus

​(Tel Aviv, Israel)​​​


30 April 2014
Far East Film festival  

​(Udine, Italia)​​​


22 November -1 December 2013​​
Séquence court-métrage  
Competition programme

​(Toulouse, France)​​​


7-10 November 2013​​
Aesthetica Short Film Festival (ASFF)

​(York, United Kingdom)​​​


21-25 October 2013​​
Festival Angelopolitano de Danza

​(Mexico, Mexico)​​​

19 October 2013​​
POOL festival dance video night on Ikono TV

​(Berlin, Germany)​​​

13 October 2013
Asiatica Film Mediale
(Rome, Italia)


8 October 2013

FIVU Festival Internacional de Videodanza del Uruguay
(Montevideo, Uruguay)


24-29 September 2013​​

​(Buenos aires, Argentina)​​​

18-22 September 2013​​

Tuzla Film Festival

​(Tuzla, Bosnia)​​​

16-22 September 2013​​
Cineseptiembre  Muestra Internacional de Cine Independiente

​(Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México)​​​

22-24 August 2013​​

August Dance Festival

​(Tallinn, Estonia)​​​


14-25 August 2013​​

Dança em foco
Festival Internacional de Vídeo & Dança
​(Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)​​​


2-4 August 2013​​

​(Floreffe, Belgium)​​​

24 July 2013​​
Beijing Dance Festival
​(Beijing, China)​​​

​5-15 Juin 2013​​
Côté Court  selection Panorama
​(Pantin, France)​​​

3-8 Juin 2013​​
Le court en dit long   Competition programme​​​
​(Paris, France)​​​

31 May 2013​​
4th Beijing Nanluoguxiang Performing Arts Festival
​(Beijing, China)​​​

24-25 May 2013​​
French May
​(Hong Kong, China)​​​

17-18 May 2013​​
Festival Croisements
​(Wuhan, China)​​​​

6-11 May 2013​​
Agite y Sirva
festival itinerante de videodanza​​
​(Mexico, Mexico)​​​

2-6 May 2013​​
30th Busan International Short Film Festival ​​  Competition programme​​​​
(Busan, South Korea)​​​

2-5 May 2013​
12th Annual Dance Camera West Dance Media Film Festival
(Los Angeles, USA)

4-28 April 2013​
15th Mecal International Short Film Festival
(Barcelona, Spain)

2-6 April 2013​
60th Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival​   Competition programme
(Belgrade, Serbie)

5 April 2013​
Festival international de vidéo-danse de Bourgogne
(Bourgogne, France)

​20 March 2013​ ​

Festival International du Film d'Aubagne  ​ Competition programme​​
Mention spéciale pour la catégorie Film Expérimental
(Aubagne, France)

​March 2013​​
Byron Bay Film Festival​
(Byron Bay, Australia)

​February 2013​
IDN Festival of Dance and the Moving image
(Barcelona, Spain)

25 January 2013​​
Festival Jumping Frames (Tour)
Macau, China

11-12 January 2013​​
Festival international du film de Ouidah
​​​​Ouidah, Bénin

Fiver festival
(Logrono, Spain) January 2013

InShadow festival  Competition programme​​   Award Honorable Mention​​​​
(Lisbon, Portugal) December 2012

Dans Kamera Istanbul
(Istanbul, Turkey) November 2012

Filmfest Hamburg
(Hamburg, Germany) September 2012

Jumping Frames
(Hong Kong, Chine) September 2012



Possible screener:

> Digital file: ProRes 422 (HQ)
> Blu-Ray


Duration:​ 16'20

Image: Black & white - 16/9
Sound: Stereo


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