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An African walk in the land of China

Short film, 2015,  Belgium / China, color, 13'30


Synopsis / In the contemporary labor China, an African young woman roams in streets in search of a meeting. She crosses workers in her wandering. How will they welcome mutually at the age of Chinafrica?

The hypnotic super slow motion epilogue is enhanced by the original music by singer/musician Matthieu Ha.

A film by
Pierre Larauza &
Emmanuelle Vincent​

Choreography & Editing
Emmanuelle Vincent

Camera & Editing​
Pierre Larauza


Original music

Matthieu  Ha


Olga Ndaya Larauza
and the dancers of
Guangdong Modern Dance Company 节目统筹

余丽君 YU Lijun - Eleven
张聪斌 ZHANG Congbin - Congcong
李翩翩 LI Pianpian - Pianpian
黎家宝 LAI Ka Bo - Bobo
肖智仁 XIAO Zhiren - Xiao
赵建瑞 ZHAO Jianrui - Jerry
马可 MA Ke - Mark
胡藤腾 HU Tengteng - Tengteng
李圣雄 LI Shengxiong - Gandhi
贺敏 HE Min - Min



Film preview

Possible screener:

> Digital file: ProRes 422 (HQ)
> Blu-Ray

Duration:​ 13'

Image: Color - 16/9
Sound: Stereo


​​​​Festivals screenings​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

FEST - International Film Festival (Espinho)

Guanajuato International Film Festival (San Miguel de Allende - Guanajuato Capital)

São Paulo International Short Film Festival (São Paulo)

POOL / Internationale TanzFilmPlattform Berlin

IKONO TV’s 24h Video Dance Digital Event dancefilmfestival brussels. l'art difficile de filmer la danse

Aesthetica Short Film Festival

INTERFILM 31st International Short Film Festival

7th Inshadow-International Festival of Video, Performance and Technologies


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